Uniac has considerable experience in assessing governance effectiveness and suggesting improvements. Strong and effective governance is becoming increasingly challenging in a sector that continues to navigate through significant change and good governance is fundamental to the health of any organisation.

With the sector regulator focussing on academic governance and the role of the Board in overseeing compliance with the on-going registration conditions (and gaining the necessary assurance), we have worked with institutions in,

  • assessing the surrounding governance including the role of audit committees and how satisfaction is gained on related risks and their management
  • developing assurance maps – linking the conditions to controls and through to the related policy and procedural framework.

We have undertaken a number of effectiveness reviews (covering the role governing bodies and its committees) which have included, for example – one to one meetings with all governing body members, workshop sessions and the completion of questionnaires as part of the reviews.

We have extensive knowledge of the revised Committee of University Chairs (CUC) HE Code of Governance and relevant effectiveness aids e.g. the Leadership for Higher Education Self-Assessment Tool for Governors. In addition, we,

  • organise regular training events aimed at non-executives (and executives) on topical and relevant themes
  • issue regular update briefings aimed at governors and governing bodies e.g., ‘Shouldering the responsibility for regulatory compliance: a challenge for higher education governance’
  • undertake benchmarking reviews.

All of this is possible as we have staff with relevant senior sector expertise and experience at executive and non-executive levels.