The Office for Students and in turn HESA, the Student Loan Company and UKRI, continue to place enormous emphasis on the accuracy of data and data returns.

This is a highly complex and continually evolving area. Past emphasis has been on data that drives funding, a trend that will continue as the new data futures model develops and becomes embedded. In addition to meeting the needs of external stakeholders strong data and innovative use of that data can be an important source of competitive advantage. Assurance on the quality of your data and data returns can help with the effectiveness of its onward use both internal and external (e.g., Engagement/retention metrics). Additionally, strong data is of increasing importance to the OfS, both through the introduction of split indicators in condition B3, and the ongoing need for compliance with the F conditions.

We offer audits of data management systems and process, of the preparation and accuracy of individual data returns and of the use of institutional and sector data.