Uniac has unparalleled experience in assessing institutions’ compliance with ever more complex, high profile and fast-changing UKVI requirements.

Interpretation is often a challenge, as is the task of remaining up to date with how UKVI applies the rules. The UKVI is clear in its message to education providers, that sponsorship is a privilege and that those who directly benefit from migration must ensure they are compliant with their duties. The expansion of the UKVI audit team along within the wider political and policy perspective, shows a clear intent that the UKVI wish to ensure that institutions are aware of their responsibilities. We carry out a range of assurance and consultancy reviews, from mock audits in advance of an official Home Office audit to specific deep dives. We try to mirror our approach on the Home Offices audit methodology and have helped universities achieve successful outcomes.

The impact can be greater at institutions with lower tolerance thresholds, particularly in the areas of visa refusals along with enrolment and completion (student routes). Education sponsors should always be aware of their obligations surrounding safeguarding and the management of short term / casual workers. Growth in student numbers is expected to continue to be from what are perceived to be higher risk markets. We supplement our experience with strong sector and UKVI links, which enables us to deliver effective compliance support and assurance.