The UUK Accommodation Code of Practice (ACOP) was last revised in 2017. Its scope spans fundamental health and safety issues; student well-being and experience; and the effective management of student residences.

Compliance with the Code is an alternative to regulation of student residences by local authorities. Uniac have an unparalleled breadth and depth of understanding of its requirements and application, with a member of our staff (Paddy Marshall) sitting on the ACOP Sector Advisory Group (SAG). Our in-depth audits can help universities meet their obligations to submit the required triennial audit reports to Universities UK; and we can provide sensible and pragmatic advice about the application of the Code.

The Code is due to be revised again for the 2024/2025 academic year. This includes a shift in reporting to UUK, with the recent introduction of all aspects of the code now being a statutory requirement and the need to report on all of these following completion of the review (instead of reporting by exception). Uniac is again involved in supporting these changes to provide assurance on the quality of student halls.