QAA and institutional requirements demand consistent, equitable, robust, and transparent student facing processes.

The September 2022 update to the OfS expectations for student outcomes identify the need for 80% of full-time students to continue their studies, with 75% of them completing their course. Diverse activities ranging from applications and admissions handling through to ongoing daily contact with university staff, assessments and feedback processes affect students' experience which can directly impact continuation and satisfaction rates.

Institutions will have internal methods to measure the effectiveness of their processes and to close the feedback loop more formally, and publicly, the National Student Survey offers students the opportunity to rate their experiences.

All universities have embarked on initiatives to help optimise student experience, demonstrating value to current students, retaining students and attracting future applicants. Our experience includes reviews across many aspects of the student experience, including induction, retention processes, mental health and wellbeing, harassment, and personal tutoring.