Cyber Security

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Cyber security is important nationally and internationally. Universities are not immune - administrative systems and data and research data are targets of those who are seeking commercial gain, who are malicious or who want to prove their hacking skills. Universities UK has produced a policy paper that sets out the main risks that universities face and suggests appropriate controls. In this paper we outline Uniac’s experience in this area and describe how we can help universities in this vital part of their operations.

It is now a daily occurrence to hear of another cyber-attack on the news. The probability of an attack is higher than ever, not least with the ever-increasing use of the internet and internet attached devices. Parallel to this, there is a proliferation of free and “easy to use” software designed to exploit vulnerabilities and “hack” systems. This has made it easier for individuals or groups to hack systems. It is not about “if” you will suffer from an attack, rather it is a matter of “when”.

Universities are just as likely a target as any other organisation. Well-known attacks have made it to the national press in recent years. Universities UK (UUK) published a Cyber Security policy briefing paper that urges institutions to take steps to help reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

We can help you in a number of ways through assurance or consultancy. If you have well developed cyber risk management framework we will validate your risk assessment and responses to risk. If you are starting from a low base we will work with you to identify and prioritise the necessary controls that are proportionate to your institutional risk profile and risk appetite.

Cyber Security Briefing Paper2


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