Uniac - July 2022

42 We offer virtual and in person events regarding Higher Education topics throughout the year. These events are run by Uniac staff and are open to client, partners, and the general public. At the moment, all our events are free of charge to attend. Please see below for an overview of our past events in 2022. Future events (and amendments) are updated on our website. For more information on booking, information on past recordings and an updated schedule of online and in person events, please see www.uniac.co.uk/events Event type: Virtual Prior to the Covid pandemic, it is fair to say that the ‘digital revolution’ had affected higher education perhaps less than many other sectors such as banking, retail and entertainment. However, over the past two years universities have needed to provide innovative and diverse learning and teaching offerings for students, backed by a robust IT infrastructure in addition to supporting staff working from home. In the more progressive institutions, digital strategies were already well advanced and have been fasttracked, with IT departments working closely with academic colleagues to deliver future-proofed solutions. This event explored the idea of Digital Disruption and the main threats and opportunities to accelerate value within HE. Event type: Virtual In this free, virtual session aimed at members of audit and risk committees and university managers, we discussed three key questions: - What are the challenges facing the higher education sector in 2022? - What is expected of audit and risk committees? - What are the key issues that audit and risk committees need to focus on? Events: An overview of our past events 11th November 2021 – Digital Disruption at Pace - What it means for Higher Education 30th March 2022 – Higher Education Risks: Trends and Challenges