Uniac - July 2022

27 Committee may oversee. An example is attached as Appendix 1. These can prove useful in defining and tracking decision making processes and in providing a broader institutional understanding of regulatory requirements and pressures. • Effectiveness Reviews Condition E2 of the regulatory framework requires registered providers to have adequate and effective management and governance arrangements and adhere to their governing documents, which must be consistent with the 'public interest governance principles' . A governance effectiveness review is a sound basis for ensuring that governing instruments and governance practice appropriately reflect the regulatory requirements, including freedom of speech and academic freedom. This also allows institutions to map where they provide for the OfS Public Interest Governance Principles in their governance framework. The outcomes from a review might helpfully highlight where governance and management oversight of compliance with the Regulatory Framework could be improved. • Diary and Communication Trackers The regulatory framework states that the governing body of a registered provider (as set out in Condition E3) has responsibility for the interactions between the provider and the OfS. "Interactions" may be in the form of regulatory notices, statutory reports, and requests for information and aligned with any compliance framework. A practical way to manage the wealth of interactions is to develop a diary and communication tracker that documents all OfS interactions and their status. This is particularly important for detailed or iterative requests for information. An example is found in Appendix 2. One significant OfS regulatory requirement for those institutions wishing to charge higher fees is submitting an Access and Participation Plan (APP), which must be approved by the Director for Fair Access and Participation18. This is the first Registration Condition. 18 If they do not have this approval, they may not charge higher level fees (the exact threshold varies according to their Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework rating). 3. Access and Participation Plans