Uniac - July 2022

25 In particular, this paper looks at the demands of the Access and Participation Plan, whose requirements around data, theories of change, and evaluation may be particularly challenging. Initial Registration with the OfS is outside the scope of this document. The OfS is the independent regulator of higher education in England. There are four primary regulatory objectives and for all types of institutions: All students, from all backgrounds, and with the ability and desire to undertake higher education: 1. Are supported to access, succeed in, and progress from, higher education. 2. Receive a high quality academic experience, and their interests are protected while they study or in the event of provider, campus or course closure. 3. Are able to progress into employment or further study, and their qualifications hold their value over time. 4. Receive value for money. The OfS Regulatory Framework is designed to mitigate the risk that these objectives are not met and has several components, including: 1. Initial and ongoing conditions of Registration ("the Conditions") 2. Monitoring and Compliance with the Conditions 3. Regulatory Advice notices In applying for Registration with the OfS, some institutions may not have assessed their capacity to meet regulatory requirements over time, which may be particularly burdensome for smaller and specialist higher education providers. These include the need: • to provide high-quality data, including the evidence required to comply with Condition D - financial viability and sustainability on an annual basis 2. The OfS Regulatory Framework