Uniac - July 2022

13 view the risk through the prospect of reputational damage, the audit function can still provide a sense of objectivity to key stakeholders that appropriate action is being taken surrounding this risk. We can provide bespoke sustainability audit and consultancy, dependent on the needs of the institution. We could help with: - Monitoring of progress towards frameworks / accreditation - Advisory work on action to take and next steps to create sustainable approaches - Creation and implementation of sustainability strategies / policies - Systems and process reviews to assess sustainability in practice - Sustainability data collection and business intelligence - Benchmarking institutional approaches against sector and non-sector approaches - Assessing sustainable cultures across institutions, including both Senior Management and wider staff buy in. We can help Paddy Marshall Audit and Assurance Consultant t: 07796 180 139 e: pmarshall@uniac.co.uk www.uniac.co.uk